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Introducing the WENONAH 17'6" Escape Graphite Ultra-Lite Canoe: a fusion of sleek design and functional versatility. This 41-pound canoe is a medium-sized performance tandem, offering a blend of the popular Minnesota II's characteristics with enhanced maneuverability due to its shorter length.

Key Features:

  1. Streamlined Dimensions for Balanced Performance:

    • Length: 17 feet 6 inches (533.4 cm), ideal for a blend of speed and agility.
    • Gunwale Width: 33 inches (83.82 cm), providing stability without compromising speed.
    • Maximum Width: 34.5 inches (87.63 cm), balancing space and hydrodynamic efficiency.
    • Waterline Width: 33 inches (83.82 cm), for optimal tracking and glide.
    • Depths: Stern at 17 inches (43.18 cm), Center at 13.5 inches (34.29 cm), and Bow at 20.5 inches (52.07 cm), ensuring a comfortable and dry ride.
    • Rocker: 0 inches (0 cm), designed for straight tracking and efficient paddling.
  2. Advanced Graphite Ultra-Lite Construction:

    • Crafted from high-quality graphite, this canoe is not only ultra-lightweight but also exceptionally strong, offering enhanced paddling performance.
    • The lightweight design makes transportation and handling a breeze, ideal for both experienced paddlers and beginners.
  3. Versatile and Functional Design:

    • The Escape is tailored for a variety of water conditions, from tranquil lakes to lively streams and rivers.
    • Its flared bow and extra depth at both bow and stern provide ample dryness and comfort, even in choppy waters.
    • The canoe's fair depth and width allow for considerable gear capacity, making it suitable for day trips and longer expeditions alike.
  4. Comfort and Convenience:

    • Equipped with webbed seats, the canoe offers comfort for longer journeys and efficient paddling.
    • Black gunwales add a touch of elegance and durability to the canoe's aesthetic.

The WENONAH 17'6" Escape Graphite Ultra-Lite Canoe is a testament to modern canoeing technology, offering a perfect balance of performance, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're an avid paddler seeking a reliable performance canoe or embarking on leisurely explorations, the Escape is designed to elevate your paddling experience in a wide range of aquatic environments.

Escape 17'6 Graphite Ultra Lite with Black Gunwales, Webbed Seats 41 LBS

Short Description: The Escape is a shorter version of the popular Minnesota II, with similar lines and the increased maneuverability that comes along with a shorter canoe. A medium sized performance tandem, it's a very versatile craft.

The Escape is a sleek performance canoe that will paddle well on streams and rivers, as well as larger lakes. It has fair depth and width to hold plenty of gear, while its flared bow and extra depth at bow and stern keeps you dry in the choppiest waters.


Length 17' 6"  (533.4cm)
Gunwale Width 33"  (83.82cm)
Maximum Width 34.5"  (87.63cm)
Waterline Width 33"  (83.82cm)
Stern Depth 17"  (43.18cm)
Center Depth 13.5"  (34.29cm)
Bow Depth 20.5"  (52.07cm)
Rocker 0"  (0cm)

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