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Wee Lassie 10'6 Ultra-Lite Kevlar Canoe: A Fusion of Lightweight Design and Paddling Pleasure

Experience the joy of solo paddling with the Wee Lassie 10'6 Ultra-Lite Kevlar Canoe, a masterpiece of compact design and exceptional functionality. Drawing inspiration from the easy paddling and enjoyable experience of our original model, this Adirondack-style solo canoe is perfect for serene trips on lakes and gentle rivers.

Exceptionally Lightweight for Easy Handling:

  • Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the Wee Lassie is our lightest canoe, making it incredibly easy to transport and handle. Despite its feather-light build, it doesn't compromise on durability or performance.

Durable and Reliable Aramid (Kevlar) Construction:

  • Constructed with Aramid (Kevlar) material, renowned for its strength and resilience, the Wee Lassie offers robustness and reliability for real-life use. This construction ensures that the canoe withstands the rigors of regular paddling while maintaining its ultra-lightweight quality.

Designed for Maximum Comfort:

  • The canoe is outfitted with a floor-mounted seat and an integrated seat back, designed to maximize comfort while minimizing weight. These features allow for an enjoyable and relaxed paddling experience, even during extended journeys.

Versatile Paddling Options:

  • The Wee Lassie 10'6" can be paddled using either a single or double blade, making it a versatile choice for different paddling styles and preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional canoe paddle or a kayak-style double blade, this canoe adapts to your technique.

Specifications for Optimal Performance:

  • Length: 10' 6" (320.04cm) – ideal for easy maneuverability and transport.
  • Gunwale Width: 27" (68.58cm) – offering stability and comfort.
  • Maximum Width: 27" (68.58cm) – ensuring a balanced and steady ride.
  • Waterline Width: 23.5" (59.69cm) – contributing to efficient paddling.
  • Depth: Stern: 14.5" (36.83cm), Center: 10" (25.4cm), Bow: 14.5" (36.83cm) – providing ample space and protection from splashes.
  • Rocker: 0" (0cm) – ensuring a smooth and straight glide.

The Wee Lassie 10'6 Ultra-Lite Kevlar Canoe is more than just a canoe; it's a celebration of the solo paddling experience, combining ultra-lightweight construction with comfort and style. Perfect for those tranquil moments on the water, this canoe is sure to deliver years of paddling enjoyment.


Short Description: Wee Lassie 10'6 Ultra Light w/Aramid (Kevlar) 20 LBS

The shorter, lighter Wee Lassie 10'6" draws from the easy paddling and enjoyable design of our original. Ideal for tranquil paddles on the lakes and gentle rivers, this compact and lightweight Adirondack-style solo will deliver years of enjoyment. At just over 20 pounds, this is our lightest canoe. But rest assured its Aramid construction is robust and reliable for real life use. We outfitted it with a floor mounted seat and integrated seat back to maximize comfort and minimize weight. Paddled with a single or double blade, the Wee Lassie 10'6" is sure to please.

Weight 20 lbs

Length: 10' 6"  (320.04cm)
Gunwale Width: 27"  (68.58cm)
Maximum Width: 27"  (68.58cm)
Waterline Width: 23.5"  (59.69cm)
Stern Depth: 14.5"  (36.83cm)
Center Depth: 10"  (25.4cm)
Bow Depth: 14.5"  (36.83cm)
Rocker: 0"  (0cm)

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