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Lightweight Waterproof Canoe Pack Liner: Ultimate Protection for Your Gear

Keep your canoeing essentials dry and secure with our Lightweight Waterproof Canoe Pack Liner, designed to offer robust protection against water. Whether facing all-day rain or navigating through rapids, this pack liner ensures that all your gear stays dry and safe inside your canoe pack. It's a must-have for any paddler looking to safeguard their belongings in wet conditions.

Efficient and Versatile Design:

  • This liner is designed to fit all canoe packs, even the largest ones, making it a versatile addition to your canoeing gear. Its ample size accommodates packs ranging from 65-140L / 3966 – 8543, ensuring that all your items can be covered.
  • The simple roll-top closure followed by a half knot and a buckle close provides a secure and waterproof seal, making it easy to protect your gear quickly and effectively.

Durable and Lightweight Material:

  • Made from 30 Denier waterproof coated honeycomb ripstop nylon, the liner is both durable and incredibly lightweight. This material choice offers the perfect balance between weight efficiency and robust protection.
  • The taped seams and reinforced stress areas further enhance its durability, ensuring it can withstand the demands of canoeing adventures.

Specifications for Easy Use and Storage:

  • Size: Huge capacity to fit a range of pack sizes.
  • Height: 125cm / 49in.
  • Length: 50cm / 19.75in.
  • Side Panel Width: 28cm / 11in.
  • Weight: Ultra-light at just 336 gm / 12 oz.
  • Colour: Bright Yellow for easy visibility.

Additional Notes:

  • These waterproof liners function as an XL dry bag for the inside of your pack. They are designed to be taller than your pack, allowing for several rolls to ensure a watertight seal.
  • Perfect for handling prolonged exposure to rain or accidental spills in rapids, the liner is an essential piece of gear for keeping your belongings dry and protected.

The Lightweight Waterproof Canoe Pack Liner is more than just a liner; it's a reliable and easy-to-use solution for protecting your gear from water. Its combination of lightweight material, ample size, and secure sealing makes it an ideal choice for paddlers who prioritize gear protection in wet environments.


Short Description: Put this canoe pack liner inside your pack and waterproof all your gear inside at once. A durable and light waterproof fabric unlike the heavy PVC bags.


This huge liner fits all canoe packs, even the biggest ones.
Roll the top ~ Tie half a knot ~ Buckle Close.
Taped seams and reinforced stress areas.


Huge! Fits packs 65-140L / 3966 – 8543
Lightweight – 30 Denier waterproof coated honeycomb ripstop nylon
Height: 125cm / 49in.
Length: 50cm / 19.75in.
Side Panel Width: 28cm / 11in
Weight – Lightweight: 336 gm / 12 oz
Colour: Bright Yellow

Notes: These waterproof liners are an XL dry bag for the inside of your pack and will handle all day rain or a spill in the rapids. Designed to be much taller than your pack ensures you can get lots of rolls to seal the contents before finishing with a simple half knot and clicking the bucket together to seal the deal.

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