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Stern Webbed Seat

Stern Webbed Seat

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Stern Webbed Canoe Seat: Customizable Comfort for Your Paddling Adventures

Upgrade your canoe with our Stern Webbed Canoe Seat, available in both ash and cherry wood options. This seat is designed to enhance your canoeing experience by providing comfortable and durable seating at the stern of your canoe. Whether you're out for a leisurely paddle or on a longer expedition, this seat offers the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Customizable Length for a Perfect Fit:

  • The seat measures 27 inches in length, allowing you to trim it down to fit the specific dimensions of your canoe. This customization ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration with your canoe's design.

Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing Materials:

  • Choose between ash or cherry wood for your seat. Both materials are known for their durability and natural beauty, adding an elegant touch to your canoe while ensuring long-lasting use.
  • The webbing is designed to provide a comfortable seating surface, perfect for extended periods of paddling. It's also durable enough to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Enhanced Canoeing Experience:

  • Installing a new stern seat not only improves the look of your canoe but also enhances your comfort on the water. The ergonomic design and supportive webbing ensure that you can paddle for hours without discomfort.
  • Ideal for canoeists who prioritize both functionality and aesthetics, this seat is a practical upgrade to any canoe, whether used for recreational paddling or more rigorous journeys.


  • Length: 27 inches (can be trimmed to desired length)
  • Material Options: Available in ash and cherry wood
  • Webbing: Durable and comfortable for prolonged use

Enhance your canoe with our Stern Webbed Canoe Seat, combining the practicality of a sturdy, comfortable seat with the elegance of fine woodwork. It's more than just a seat; it's an upgrade to your canoeing experience.

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