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Rheaume 17'4 Prospector Kevlar Canoe: A Masterpiece of Capacity and Elegance

Embark on your water-bound journeys with the Rheaume 17'4 Prospector Kevlar Canoe, the longest composite model in Rheaume's lineup. This canoe isn’t just about transporting you from one shore to another; it's about doing so with exceptional efficiency, capacity, and style, suitable for both seasoned expeditioners and daily paddlers.

Unmatched Cargo Capacity and Performance:

  • As the largest canoe offered by Rheaume, the Prospector 17’4 boasts the greatest cargo capacity, making it ideal for long expeditions where carrying ample gear is essential.
  • Its impressive length not only enhances its cargo capacity but also contributes to its excellent water gliding capabilities, making it a fast and efficient vessel for covering long distances.

Versatile for Solo and Tandem Paddling:

  • Despite its size, this canoe is designed to be paddled solo as well as in tandem. Its balanced design ensures that solo paddling is as enjoyable and manageable as paddling with a partner.
  • Whether you're on an extended adventure or enjoying a casual day trip, the Prospector 17’4 adapts to your needs, providing a versatile and satisfying paddling experience.

Customizable Colors for Personal Preference:

  • The canoe is available in a range of colors, allowing you to choose or order the color that best suits your style. This customization ensures that your canoe is not only functional but also visually appealing.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle:

  • Weighing just 45 lbs, the canoe is remarkably lightweight for its size, thanks to its Kevlar construction. This lightweight nature makes it easier to transport and handle, especially during portages.

Specifications for Confident Exploration:

  • Length: 17’4" – ideal for smooth tracking and efficient paddling.
  • Weight: 45 lbs – making it easy to carry and transport.
  • Capacity: Generous – accommodating for both gear and paddlers on extensive trips.
  • Material: Kevlar – known for its strength and lightweight properties.

The Rheaume 17'4 Prospector Kevlar Canoe is more than just a canoe; it's a statement of elegance and capability on the water. Whether you are embarking on a grand expedition or simply enjoying the beauty of a serene lake, this canoe ensures that your journey is as memorable as the destination.

Rheaume 17'4 Prospector Kevlar Canoe

Short Description: The Prospector 17’4 is the longest composite model Rheaume offers. It is the canoe with the greatest cargo capacity given its large size. Its length allows it to glide very well on the water, which makes it a fast boat. Its size will not prevent you from paddling it solo, on the contrary. Appreciated for long expeditions, it will also satisfy fans of occasional or daily trips. One thing is certain, its elegance will undoubtedly turn heads.

Colour: We can order any colour you would prefer

Weight: 45 lbs

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