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Rheaume Nahanni 16'5 Kevlar Canoe with Wood Gunwales: A Fusion of Speed, Precision, and Beauty

Embark on a paddling journey like no other with the Rheaume Nahanni 16'5 Kevlar Canoe, a masterfully designed vessel that combines exceptional speed with precise navigation. Whether you're a leisure paddler or a speed enthusiast, the Nahanni is crafted to meet diverse paddling needs with its asymmetric shape and advanced design.

Sleek and Fast for All Paddlers:

  • The canoe's asymmetrical shape, coupled with a very shallow draft and minimal girth, creates a lightning-fast vessel that cuts through the water like an arrow. This design ensures straight tracking, making it an excellent choice for those seeking speed and efficiency.
  • At 16’5″ in length, it offers a balance between swift movement and stable handling, suitable for both tandem and solo paddling.

Stunning Aesthetic Appeal:

  • Available in striking color combinations of Blue and White or Rub & White, the Nahanni is as visually appealing as it is performance-oriented. The interior features a layer of Innegra & Basalt, adding a unique and elegant touch to its construction.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle:

  • Weighing just 45 lbs, the Nahanni is incredibly lightweight, thanks to its Kevlar construction. This feature makes it easy to carry and transport, enhancing its appeal for paddlers who frequent various water bodies.

Customization Options for a Personalized Experience:

  • Personalize your canoeing experience with options like Wood Trim for a classic aesthetic, a Deep Dish Yoke for easier carrying, Skid Plates for added protection, and a Kneeling Thwart for alternative paddling positions.

Specifications for Confident Planning:

  • Length: 16’5″ – ideal for performance-oriented paddling.
  • Beam (Width): 36 inches – offering a stable yet streamlined profile.
  • Depth: 14 inches – providing ample space for comfort and gear storage.
  • Capacity: 850 lbs – generous for accommodating multiple paddlers and equipment.

The Rheaume Nahanni 16'5 Kevlar Canoe with Wood Gunwales is more than just a canoe; it's a testament to innovative design and craftsmanship. Perfect for anyone from the casual paddler to the speed-seeking enthusiast, this canoe is ready to elevate your paddling adventures.

Rheaume Nahanni 16'5 Kevlar Canoe with Wood Gunwales

Short Description: The 16’5 Nahanni is an asymmetrically shaped canoe. It has a very shallow draft and an almost zero girth, which make it an extremely fast canoe that goes straight like an arrow. It can be used both in tandem and solo. It is just as suitable for a paddler who just wants to have fun, as for someone looking for speed and performance.

Colour: Blue and White or Rub & White with one layer of Innegra & Basalt in the interior

Weight: 45 lbs

Options: Wood Trim, Deep Dish Yoke, Skid Plates, Kneeling Thwart

Length: 16’5″ Capacity: 850 lbs
Beam: 36″
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