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Rheaume 16’ Trader Cedar Canoe: Elegance and Performance in Every Stroke

The Rheaume 16’ Trader Cedar Canoe is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and elegant design. This canoe is not just about getting from point A to point B; it's about enjoying every moment on the water with a craft that's as fast and smooth as it is stable and visually stunning.

Swift and Stable for Long Distances:

  • The Trader is designed for speed, gliding smoothly and straight on the water. Despite its quickness, it does not compromise on stability, providing a secure and comfortable ride.
  • With a shallow draft, paddlers will find it delightful to cover long distances, making it ideal for extended trips and explorations.

Aesthetic Appeal and Functional Design:

  • This canoe is a head-turner, thanks to its elegant double-curved floor and sleek lines. Its beauty is matched by its functionality, providing an efficient and enjoyable paddling experience.
  • The warmth of the wood and the craftsmanship of the canoe add a special touch to your paddling adventures, reflecting the beauty of nature on your favorite lake.

Crafted with Premium Materials:

  • Constructed from red cedar, known for its lightweight and durability, the Trader is built to last. The interior skeleton is made of white cedar, complemented by ash gunwales and mahogany parts, adding to its robustness and elegance.
  • The seats are traditionally woven with rawhide, providing both comfort and a touch of classic canoeing heritage. The hull is covered with fiberglass fabric and an epoxy coating, topped with marine varnish for UV protection, ensuring the canoe's longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Specifications for a Tailored Experience:

  • Length: 16 feet – perfect for maneuverability and tracking.
  • Weight: Approximately 65 lbs (actual weight may vary) – relatively lightweight for easy transport.
  • Beam (Width): 34½ inches – offering stability without sacrificing speed.
  • Capacity: 700 lbs – generous for accommodating paddlers and gear.
  • Depth: 13 inches – providing ample space for a comfortable journey.

The Rheaume 16’ Trader Cedar Canoe is more than a canoe; it's a piece of art that takes you on a journey. Whether you're exploring serene waters or embarking on an adventurous expedition, this canoe offers a blend of speed, stability, and elegance that is unmatched.


SHORT DESCRIPTION:  The Trader is a super fast canoe that runs smoothly and straight. This does not make it less stable, quite the contrary. It is pleasant to paddle long distances since its draft is shallow. Very elegant with its curved double floor, this canoe catches the eye. Despite its length, it is pleasant to carry. While paddling, you can enjoy the beauty of its construction and appreciate the warmth of the wood reflected on your favorite lake. Like most Rheaume models, this canoe is constructed from red cedar. The interior skeleton is white cedar, the gunwales are ash and the parts are made of mahogany. Seats are woven with rawhide in the traditional way. The hull is covered with a fiberglass fabric and an epoxy coating, all coated with marine varnish with protection against ultraviolet rays.


Length: 16′
Weight: 65 lbs* (weight may vary)
Beam: 34½”
Capacity: 700 lbs
Depth: 13″

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