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Rheaume Muskoka 16' Carbon Canoe: Speed and Maneuverability for Solo and Tandem Paddlers

Discover the Rheaume Muskoka 16' Carbon Canoe, a beautifully crafted asymmetrical canoe that offers an exceptional paddling experience, whether you're journeying solo or with a partner. This model is a perfect blend of speed, stability, and agility, making it ideal for paddlers seeking an efficient and enjoyable ride on long trips.

Designed for Efficiency and Ease:

  • The Muskoka's shallow draft contributes to its impressive speed, allowing you to glide effortlessly through the water.
  • Its moderate rocker ensures straight tracking while maintaining the ability to perform sharp, responsive maneuvers.
  • The canoe's wider base and narrower gunwales optimize paddling dynamics, particularly beneficial when paddling solo, making each stroke more effective.

Lightweight and Stable:

  • Weighing just 40 lbs, the Muskoka is incredibly lightweight, thanks to its carbon construction. This feature makes transporting and handling the canoe a breeze, especially during portages.
  • Despite its light weight, the canoe offers a stable platform with a capacity of 850 lbs, suitable for carrying gear and provisions for long journeys.

Customizable Options for a Personalized Canoeing Experience:

  • Enhance your canoe with options like Wood Trim for a classic aesthetic, Skid Plates for added hull protection, a Kneeling Thwart for alternative paddling positions, and a Deep Dish Yoke for easier carrying.

Specifications for Your Adventure Planning:

  • Length: 16 feet – perfect for balancing speed and stability.
  • Beam (Width): 35 inches – offering a stable yet streamlined profile.
  • Depth: 13½ inches – providing ample space for comfort and gear storage.
  • Capacity: 850 lbs – generous for accommodating paddlers and equipment.

The Rheaume Muskoka 16' Carbon Canoe is not just a vessel; it's an extension of your passion for paddling. Whether exploring serene lakes or embarking on river adventures, this canoe stands out for its performance, comfort, and versatility, making every trip a memorable experience.


Short Description: Rheaume Muskoka 16' Carbon - The 16′ Muskoka is an asymmetrical canoe that paddles easily in tandem or solo. Its shallow draft makes it very fast and its moderate tread allows it to go straight, yet being able to perform sharp maneuvers very easily. Wider at the base and narrower at the gunwales, it facilitates paddling, especially in solo mode. It is ideal for long trips since it is fast and stable.

Options: Wood Trim, Skid Plates, Kneeling Thwart, Deep Dish Yoke

Weight: 40 lbs

Length: 16′ Capacity: 850 lbs
Beam: 35″
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