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Rheaume 16′ Huron Cedar Canoe: A Harmony of Speed, Stability, and Traditional Craftsmanship

Explore the waters with the Rheaume 16′ Huron Cedar Canoe, a beautifully crafted vessel that combines speed and versatility with classic canoe construction. Ideal for a variety of activities, this canoe is beloved by hunters, fishermen, and families alike for its efficient performance and stability.

Streamlined Design for Enhanced Performance:

  • The Huron is a larger sibling to the Mohawk, measuring 15’10" in length. Its slightly narrower build compared to its length makes it faster, perfect for those who value speed in their journeys.
  • Despite its streamlined design, the canoe maintains a high level of stability, making it suitable for all kinds of water-based activities, from leisurely paddles to more adventurous expeditions.

Versatile for Diverse Paddling Needs:

  • This canoe's versatility mirrors that of the Rheaume composite canoe Explorer model, making it suitable for various users, including hunters, fishermen, and families on hiking or expedition trips. It caters to a wide range of preferences and skill levels, from beginners to advanced paddlers.

High Capacity and Stability:

  • With a generous capacity of 700 lbs, the Huron provides ample space for paddlers and gear, ensuring safe and comfortable trips. Its 37" beam contributes to its stability, making it a reliable choice for varied conditions.

Traditionally Crafted with Premium Materials:

  • Constructed from red cedar with an interior skeleton of white cedar, the Huron is both lightweight and durable. The gunwales are made of ash, and the trim parts are mahogany, adding elegance and strength to its structure.
  • The seats are traditionally woven with rawhide, offering both comfort and a touch of classic canoeing heritage. The hull is covered with fiberglass fabric and an epoxy coating, topped with marine varnish for UV protection, preserving the canoe's beauty and functionality.

Specifications for Your Planning:

  • Length: 15’10" – perfect for balanced handling and efficiency.
  • Weight: Approximately 70 lbs (actual weight may vary) – relatively lightweight for a wooden canoe.
  • Beam (Width): 37 inches – providing stability and roominess.
  • Depth: 12 inches – sufficient for comfort and gear storage.
  • Material: Cedar – known for its aesthetic appeal and durability.

The Rheaume 16′ Huron Cedar Canoe is more than just a mode of transportation; it's a piece of art on water. Whether you are exploring tranquil lakes or navigating rivers, this canoe offers a blend of traditional craftsmanship, stability, and speed, enhancing your paddling experience.


Short Description: The standard Huron is the larger brother of the Mohawk. It is longer but slightly narrower which makes it faster. It is considered to be versatile since it is suitable, like the Rheuame composite canoe Explorer model, for all kinds of activities. It is equally appreciated by hunters, fishermen and families who wish to go hiking or go on an expedition. It slides faster and has a very high capacity and stability. This model of canoe is suitable for both beginners and advanced paddlers. Its large capacity allows for safe paddling. Like Rheaume models, this canoe is constructed from red cedar. The interior skeleton is white cedar, the gunwales are ash and the parts are made of mahogany. Seats are woven with rawhide in the traditional way. The hull is covered with a fiberglass fabric and an epoxy coating, all coated with marine varnish with protection against ultraviolet rays.


Length: 15’10
Weight: 70 lbs* (approxamite weight may varey)
Beam:3 7″
Capacity: 700 lbs
Depth: 12″
Material: Cedar


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