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Rhéaume 16' Explorer Fiberglass Canoe: A Versatile and Stable Choice for All Paddlers

Embark on your water adventures with the Rhéaume 16' Explorer Fiberglass Canoe, a vessel that epitomizes versatility and stability. Whether you're planning a hunting trip, a fishing excursion, a family outing, or an extensive expedition, this canoe is tailored to meet a wide range of activities and preferences.

Optimized for Stability and Capacity:

  • At a width of 38 inches, the Explorer is the most stable boat in the Rhéaume range, offering a secure and comfortable experience for paddlers of all levels. Its large capacity of 1000 lbs allows for safe and well-equipped expeditions.
  • Developed from the much-loved Huron model in red cedar, the Explorer maintains the appreciated features of its predecessor while offering exceptional weight advantages compared to the cedar model.

Ideal for Diverse Paddling Needs:

  • The 16' length of the Explorer makes it suitable for both solo and tandem paddling, accommodating the needs of beginners and experts alike. Its versatile design makes it an ideal choice for various types of water-based activities.

Customizable Options for Enhanced Experience:

  • Personalize your canoeing experience with options such as wood gunwales for aesthetic appeal and rigidity, skid plates for added protection, cherry curved seats for comfort, and a cherry deep dish yoke for easier portage.

Specifications for Confident Planning:

  • Weight: 62 lbs, striking a balance between durability and ease of handling.
  • Length: 16 feet – providing excellent tracking and stability.
  • Beam (Width): 38 inches – ensuring maximum stability.
  • Depth: 14½ inches – offering ample space for both paddlers and gear.
  • Hull Options: Available in Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Fibrex, and Kevlar, allowing you to choose the material that best suits your paddling style and needs.

The Rhéaume 16' Explorer Fiberglass Canoe is more than just a canoe; it's a versatile and reliable vessel for all types of paddlers. Whether you are exploring new landscapes or enjoying familiar waterways, this canoe ensures a comfortable, stable, and enjoyable journey.


Short Description: The 16′ Explorer is a very versatile canoe and it’s suitable for all kinds of activities, like hunting, fishing, camping, expedition or family trips. This canoe can be paddled as much by a beginner as an expert. Its 38 “width makes it the most stable boat in our range and its large capacity allows for safe expeditions. The 16′ Explorer was developed from our Huron model in red cedar, which has been much appreciated since decades. It offers exceptional weight versus the cedar counterpart. It is our most versatile model that can be appreciated by any type of paddler.

Options: wood gunwales, skid plates, cherry curved seats, cherry deep dish yoke.

Weight: 62 lbs

Length: 16′ Capacity: 1000 lbs
Beam: 38″ Hull Options: Carbon Fiber, Fiber glass, Fibrex, Kevlar
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