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Rheaume 15' Prospector Kevlar Canoe with Cherry & Ash Gunwales: A Light, Versatile Craft for Paddlers of All Levels

Explore the waters with the Rheaume 15' Prospector Kevlar Canoe, a model epitomizing the blend of lightweight design and versatile functionality. Crafted with precision in Quebec, Canada for over 37 years, this canoe is ideal for those who value ease of handling and efficient navigation.

Optimized for Solo and Tandem Paddling:

  • Whether you're paddling solo or with a partner, the Prospector 15’ offers a balanced and enjoyable experience. Its design is conducive to various paddling styles and environments, accommodating the needs of diverse paddlers.

Lightweight for Effortless Portaging:

  • With a weight of only 38-40 lbs, this canoe is exceptionally light, making it a breeze to carry on portages, even in more challenging terrains. This feature is a boon for paddlers who embark on journeys with multiple portages.

Efficient Hull Design for Smooth Sailing:

  • The canoe features a “V” shaped hull and a moderate width, which together facilitate smooth and easy navigation, whether you are paddling solo or in tandem. This design ensures a balanced combination of speed and stability.

Customization Options for Enhanced Experience:

  • Personalize your canoeing experience with options such as Skid Plates for added protection, a Kneeling Seat for comfortable paddling, and a Deep Dish Yoke for easier transport.

Specifications Tailored for Adventure:

  • Length: 15 feet – providing a stable yet maneuverable profile.
  • Beam (Width): 35½ inches – striking a perfect balance for efficient paddling.
  • Depth: 14 inches – enough to comfortably accommodate paddlers and gear.
  • Capacity: 750 lbs – generous for multiple paddlers and equipment.
  • Hull Options: Available in Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Fibrex, and Kevlar.

The Rheaume 15' Prospector Kevlar Canoe is not just a canoe; it's a versatile vessel ideal for those keen on discovering new landscapes and relishing expeditions that involve portaging. Its lightweight nature and adaptable design make it suitable for all kinds of paddlers, from beginners to experts.

Rheaume 15' Prospector Kevlar Canoe

Weight: 38-40 lbs

Description: The Prospector 15 ‘is an ideal canoe for people wishing to paddle solo or in tandem. Given its light weight, it is easy to carry on portages, even in more restricted areas. The somewhat “V” design of the hull, as well as its very moderate width, allow an easy navigation both solo and in tandem. The Prospector 15 is suitable for any type of paddler. Its weight and size are significant assets that make expeditions with a lot of portage much more enjoyable. It is ideal canoe for the discovery and exploration of new landscapes. Rheaume Canoes have been made in Quebec, Canada for the past 37 years.

Options: Skid Plates, Kneeling Seat, Deep Dish Yoke

Length: 15′ Capacity:  750 lbs
Beam: 35½” Hull Options: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Fibrex, Kevlar
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