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Recreational Barrel Works 60L Barrel: Spacious and Sturdy Storage for Extended Outdoor Trips

For adventurers who need more storage capacity on their journeys, the Recreational Barrel Works 60L Barrel is the ideal solution. Designed for extended trips and larger groups, this barrel ensures that all your food storage needs are met with reliability and ease.

Robust Features for Enhanced Storage:

  • Air-Tight Plastic Lid: The barrel comes with an air-tight plastic lid, crucial for keeping your food fresh and safe from external elements. This feature is especially important in outdoor environments to maintain the quality of your provisions.
  • Secure Metal Snap-Closure: A metal snap-closure system provides extra security, ensuring that the lid stays firmly in place. This design is perfect for keeping your contents secure, even in the most challenging outdoor conditions.
  • Durable External Folding Handles: Equipped with two robust external folding handles, the barrel offers convenient and comfortable transportation. These handles make it easy to move the barrel, whether you're transferring it from your vehicle to the campsite or carrying it on a portage.

Ideal for Longer Adventures and Larger Groups:

  • With a generous 60-liter capacity, this barrel is specifically designed for longer trips or larger groups. It provides ample space to store enough food for extended periods, ensuring that you're well-prepared for your outdoor adventures.

Versatile and Dependable for Various Activities:

  • Whether you're planning a lengthy canoe trip, a camping expedition, or a group backpacking adventure, the Recreational Barrel Works 60L Barrel is a versatile choice. Its sturdy construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of various outdoor settings.

A Trustworthy Companion on Your Adventures:

  • More than just a storage container, this barrel is a trustworthy addition to your outdoor gear. It offers peace of mind by ensuring that your food supplies are stored securely and accessibly, allowing you to focus more on the adventure at hand.

Opt for the Recreational Barrel Works 60L Barrel for your next outdoor excursion. It’s not just a barrel; it’s a key component of your adventure, offering spacious, secure, and convenient food storage for longer trips and larger groups.

RECREATIONAL BARREL WORKS 60 L BARREL: This 60 L barrel by Recreational Barrel Works is perfect for all your food storage while out tripping. Features: air-tight plastic lid, metal snap-closure and two durable external folding handles.

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