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RBW Paddlers Map Case: The Ultimate Waterproof Solution for Navigating the Waters

Navigate with confidence using the RBW Paddlers Map Case, meticulously designed by paddlers, for paddlers. This map case stands out as a truly waterproof solution, ideal for keeping your maps and electronic devices safe and dry, no matter where your paddling adventures take you.

Genuinely Waterproof with Advanced Design:

  • Featuring a waterproof zipper similar to those used in dry suits, this map case offers reliable protection against water ingress. Its design is proven to live up to the claim of being completely waterproof, giving you peace of mind in wet conditions.

Dual-Sided Viewing with UV Protection:

  • The case is viewable from both sides, equipped with clear, UV-resistant panes. This feature not only protects your maps from sun damage but also allows for easy reading from any angle.

Durable Construction with Versatile Attachment:

  • Surrounded by durable material, the map case includes 4 heavy-duty D-rings, providing versatile options to lash it securely to your deck or pack. This robust construction ensures the case can withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Large Viewing Area for Comprehensive Navigation:

  • With a generously sized viewing area, the map case accommodates topo maps and more, making it perfect for a variety of navigational needs. Its large size ensures you have a clear and comprehensive view of your route.

Electronic Device Friendly and Environmentally Considerate:

  • This map case is designed to be electronic device friendly, with RF welded seams that protect your gadgets. It handles extreme temperatures well, being both hot and cold resistant. Additionally, it's PVC-free and BPA-free, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Essential for Serious Paddlers: 

  • The RBW Paddlers Map Case is more than just a map protector; it's an essential tool for serious paddlers. Whether you're exploring new waterways or embarking on familiar routes, this map case is your reliable partner for all your navigational needs.

Embrace worry-free navigation on your paddling journeys with the RBW Paddlers Map Case, where durability meets functionality in the quest for waterproof protection.

RBW PADDLERS MAP CASE: Waterproof for real. A map case designed by paddlers for paddlers. Finally a map case that can live up to the claim of being waterproof. Using a waterproof zipper, like a dry-suit, this map case is what paddlers have long wished for.

Viewable from both sides with clear UV resistant panes surrounded by durable material with 4 heavy duty D-rings to lash to your deck or packs.

Large viewing area is big enough for topo maps and more. This map case with RF welded seams is electronic device friendly and handles hot and cold temperatures while being PVC-free and BPA-free.

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