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The Basic Canoe Instructor course is geared for those interested in teaching the basic skills of canoeing from ORCKA'S Basic Canoeing Level 1-4 course curriculum. You can expect to come away from this course with a renewed sense of confidence in your paddling skills, and ability to impart those skills to others. 

This course will run in Niagara April 28 - May 3 ,2024.

We have hired Randy Bartlett as the certifying instructor for this course. Randy has an extensive background in training ORCKA canoe instructors. He has a great ability to help you improving your paddling skills, and at the same time how to pass those skills onto the people you will be instructing in the future.  

Randy's Instructor Certifications

    • Basic Canoeing Instructor (BCI)
    • Canadian Style Paddling Instructor 2 (CSPI2)
    • Canadian Style Paddling Instructor Trainer (CSPIT)
    • Basic Canoeing Instructor Trainer (BCIT)

During the course we will spend the majority of our time on the water as well as some classroom style sessions at an indoor facility. 

The swimming, and canoe recovery training will take place in an indoor pool. 


The cost of the course ($725) includes all course fees, access to a canoe, pfd, and paddle. You are also welcome to bring your own equipment if you choose. If you would like to purchase a paddle or pfd we have some excellent options to choose from, and can offer you a 10% discount. 

Course Elements

Swimming, Retrieving a swamped canoe, Canoe over canoe rescue, Re-entering canoe, Equipment selection, knowledge, and care, Safe canoeing procedures and government regulations, Windy weather precautions, Environmental awareness, Canoeing history, Launching and removing canoe, Entering and exiting canoe, Paddling positions and trimming, Pivots, Sideward displacement, Forward and reverse straight line, Circles, Landings, Lifts and carries, Transporting canoe on vehicle, Canoe tour. 

Please contact Greg for any questions you have about this course. 


Phone: 905-984-1583





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