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KNEELING THWART KIT: Enhance Your Canoe with Custom Comfort

KNEELING THWART KIT: Enhance Your Canoe with Custom Comfort

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Kneeling Thwart Kit: Enhance Your Canoe with Custom Comfort

Upgrade your canoeing experience with our Kneeling Thwart Kit, designed for paddlers who prefer a kneeling position while paddling. This kit is ideal for those seeking to add an extra element of comfort and versatility to their canoe.

Ergonomically Designed for Comfort:

  • The kit features a curved thwart, crafted to provide an optimal kneeling position. This design offers improved comfort and support, reducing strain on the legs and back during long paddling sessions.

Durable and Stylish Material Options:

  • Available in either Cherry or Ash, the thwart not only adds functionality to your canoe but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. Choose the material that best matches your canoe's style or your personal preference.

Complete with Necessary Hardware:

  • Included in the kit are hangers and stainless steel hardware, ensuring a secure and straightforward installation. The high-quality materials guarantee durability and longevity, even in harsh paddling conditions.

Versatile and Easy to Install:

  • Whether you're a seasoned paddler or new to canoeing, installing this kneeling thwart is hassle-free. It's designed to fit a wide range of canoe models, offering a versatile solution for your paddling needs.

Transform Your Paddling Experience:

  • By adding a kneeling thwart to your canoe, you enhance its functionality, making it more suitable for various paddling styles and conditions. It's an ideal modification for solo paddlers or those who prefer the control and stability of kneeling.

Invest in the Kneeling Thwart Kit to personalize and improve your canoe. It's not just an accessory; it's a significant enhancement to your canoe, providing comfort, style, and improved performance on your paddling adventures.

Kneeling Thwart Kit:

Curved Thwart
Stainless Steel Hardware
Available in Cherry or Ash

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