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High Density Foam Kneeling Pad: Enhanced Comfort for Kneeling Paddlers

Introducing the perfect solution for canoeists who prefer the kneeling position – our High Density Foam Kneeling Pad. Designed to enhance your paddling experience, this pad combines comfort, practicality, and durability, making it an essential accessory for any canoe trip.

Optimal Comfort and Support:

  • Measuring 31.5"x11.75", and with a thickness of 1/2", our kneeling pad provides ample space and cushioning. The high-density foam material ensures it's extremely comfortable to use, reducing stress on your knees and legs during long paddling sessions.

Durable and Thoughtful Design:

  • The Wenonah Knee Pad features stitch-finished edging, adding to its durability and longevity. This thoughtful design aspect means your kneeling pad will withstand the rigors of regular use in various water conditions.

Non-Slip Coated Bottom for Stability:

  • With a non-slip coating on the bottom, the pad stays securely in place in your canoe, allowing you to focus on your paddling technique without worrying about the pad shifting or sliding.

Convenient Grommet for Secure Attachment:

  • A 1" grommet located in the corner of the knee pad allows you to easily tie it off and secure it within the canoe. This feature is especially useful for keeping the pad in place in choppy waters or when entering and exiting the canoe.

Versatile Use for All Paddling Styles:

  • Whether you're navigating calm lakes, winding rivers, or engaging in more challenging paddling activities, this kneeling pad is an excellent addition to your gear. It’s suitable for paddlers of all skill levels who prefer a kneeling position.

Enhance your paddling comfort with our High Density Foam Kneeling Pad. It’s not just a pad; it's an upgrade to your canoeing experience, providing comfort, stability, and peace of mind on your water-bound adventures.

This high density foam kneeling pad is great for paddlers who prefer to kneel when they paddle. Measuring 31.5"x11.75", the pad is 1/2" thick and extremely comfortable to use. The Wenonah Knee Pad comes with a stitch finished edging, non-slip coated bottom, and a 1" grommet in the corner to allow you to tie off and secure the knee pad into the canoe.

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