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Grey Owl Voyageur Paddle: A Classic Tool for the Modern Explorer

Set out on your canoeing adventures with the Grey Owl Voyageur Paddle, a quintessential piece of equipment for paddlers who appreciate a blend of classic design and modern functionality. This paddle is crafted to offer a comfortable and effective paddling experience, making it a great choice for explorers and enthusiasts alike.

Robust and Ergonomic Design:

  • Shaft: Constructed from solid bass, the shaft is oval in shape, measuring 1 1⁄16” x 1 1⁄32”. This design ensures a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue and providing better control during extended paddling sessions.
  • Blade: The blade is made from 3-ply laminated basswood, combining strength and lightness for smooth and efficient strokes. Its durability makes it suitable for various water conditions.
  • Blade Cross Section Style: With a convex cross-section, the blade offers effective water displacement, enhancing the paddle's overall performance and making each stroke more efficient.
  • Tip Material & Style: This paddle features a simple design with no additional tip material, focusing on a lightweight and streamlined construction.
  • Finish: A high gloss exterior polyurethane finish with UV block not only gives the paddle a sleek appearance but also protects it against weathering and UV damage, prolonging its lifespan.

Ideal for Diverse Paddling Experiences: The Grey Owl Voyageur Paddle is perfect for those who enjoy exploring different waterways. Whether you're traversing calm lakes or navigating gentle rivers, this paddle is designed to handle a variety of conditions with ease.

A Nod to Canoeing Tradition: More than just a functional item, the Voyageur Paddle is a nod to the rich heritage of canoeing. Its traditional design and modern construction make it a popular choice among both seasoned paddlers and those new to the sport.

Embark on your journey with the Grey Owl Voyageur Paddle, a classic tool that offers reliability, comfort, and efficiency. It's not just a paddle; it’s an essential companion for your water-bound adventures.

Voyageur Paddle Details:

Shaft: solid bass, oval, 1 1⁄16” x 1 1⁄32”
Blade: 3 ply, laminated basswood
Blade Cross Section Style: convex
Tip Material & Style: no tip
Finish: high gloss exterior polyurethane with a UV block

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