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Grey Owl Tenderfoot Paddle: A Perfect Start for the Aspiring Paddler

Introduce the world of paddling to the younger enthusiasts with the Grey Owl Tenderfoot Paddle. This paddle is expertly crafted to provide a comfortable and enjoyable paddling experience for those just starting out, combining ease of use with a design that encourages skill development.

Designed for Young Paddlers:

  • Shaft: The paddle features a solid basswood shaft, oval in shape and measuring 1 1⁄8” x 1 5/32”. This size is ideal for smaller hands, offering a comfortable grip for young paddlers.
  • Blade: Constructed with 3-ply laminated basswood, the blade is both lightweight and strong, making it manageable and efficient for young users.
  • Blade Cross Section Style: With a convex cross-section, the blade is designed for smooth and effective water displacement, aiding in easier and more effective strokes.
  • Tip Material & Style: Reinforced with casting epoxy and featuring a straight style, the tip of the paddle is built for durability, ensuring it withstands learning and exploration.
  • Finish: A high gloss exterior polyurethane finish with UV block not only enhances the paddle's appearance but also provides protection against the elements, ensuring longevity and continued performance.

Ideal for Learning and Growth: The Grey Owl Tenderfoot Paddle is perfect for introducing young ones to canoeing. Its design is focused on making paddling intuitive and enjoyable, fostering a love for the sport from an early age.

A Step Towards Adventure: More than just a paddle, the Tenderfoot is a stepping stone into the world of outdoor adventure. It's an invitation for young paddlers to explore and grow, building skills and confidence on the water.

Equip your aspiring paddler with the Grey Owl Tenderfoot Paddle and watch them embark on their paddling journey with a reliable, comfortable, and fun tool designed just for them.

Tenderfoot construction:

Shaft: solid basswood, oval, 1 1⁄8” x 1 5/32”
Blade: 3 ply, laminated basswood
Blade Cross Section Style: convex
Tip Material & Style: casting epoxy, straight
Finish: high gloss exterior polyurethane with UV block

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