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Grey Owl Owlet Kids Paddle: Perfectly Sized for Young Paddlers

Introduce your young adventurers to the joys of paddling with the Grey Owl Owlet Kids Paddle. This paddle is specially designed for children, combining a lightweight build with a size that's just right for little hands. It's the ideal choice for nurturing a love of canoeing in the next generation of paddlers.

Kid-Friendly Design and Construction:

  • Shaft: The paddle features a solid bass shaft, oval in shape, measuring 1 1⁄16” x 1 1⁄32”. This size is perfect for smaller hands, ensuring a comfortable grip and easy handling.
  • Blade: Constructed with 3-ply laminated basswood, the blade is both lightweight and sturdy, making it easy for kids to maneuver in the water without straining.
  • Blade Cross Section Style: The convex cross-section of the blade is designed to push water effectively, allowing young paddlers to experience the satisfaction of moving through the water with ease.
  • Tip Material & Style: The paddle does not have a reinforced tip, keeping it lightweight and manageable for kids.
  • Finish: A high gloss exterior polyurethane finish with UV block not only makes the paddle visually appealing but also protects it from the elements, ensuring durability and longevity.

Ideal for Introducing Canoeing to Kids: The Grey Owl Owlet Kids Paddle is perfect for introducing children to canoeing. Its design and size are tailored to their needs, making paddling a fun and accessible activity.

Encourages Outdoor Exploration: This paddle is more than just a tool; it's a means of encouraging young ones to explore the outdoors and develop a lifelong connection with nature and water sports.

Equip your young paddler with the Grey Owl Owlet Kids Paddle, and watch them embark on their first paddling adventures with confidence and joy. It's the first step in a lifelong journey of canoeing exploration.


Shaft: solid bass, oval, 1 1⁄16” x 1 1⁄32”
Blade: 3 ply, laminated basswood
Blade Cross Section Style: convex
Tip Material & Style: no tip
Finish: high gloss exterior polyurethane with a UV block

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