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Grey Owl Guide Paddle: A Blend of Elegance and Endurance for the Discerning Paddler

Introducing the Grey Owl Guide Paddle, a beautifully crafted tool that combines the elegance of black cherry wood with the resilience needed for serious paddling. This paddle is designed for those who seek a harmonious balance of aesthetic appeal and functional durability in their paddling gear.

Refined Construction for Superior Performance:

  • Grip: Made from 3-ply laminated black cherry, the pear-shaped grip provides a comfortable and natural hold, enhancing control and reducing fatigue during long paddling sessions.
  • Shaft: The solid cherry shaft, oval in shape and measuring 1 5⁄32” x 1 3⁄32”, offers a sturdy yet comfortable grip, ensuring strength and durability for continual use.
  • Blade: Also crafted from 3-ply laminated black cherry, the blade is not only visually striking but also robust, providing efficient water displacement for a smooth paddling experience.
  • Blade Cross Section Style: The cambered cross-section of the blade allows for efficient power transfer in each stroke, enhancing the paddle's overall performance.
  • Tip Material & Style: Reinforced with casting epoxy and featuring a wraparound style, the tip is designed for increased durability and protection against impacts and abrasion.
  • Finish: A high gloss exterior polyurethane finish with UV block not only adds a lustrous sheen to the paddle but also protects it from the elements, ensuring longevity.

Ideal for Experienced and Aspiring Guides: The Grey Owl Guide Paddle is perfect for experienced paddlers and aspiring guides who demand a high-quality paddle that performs as well as it looks. Its balanced design makes it suitable for various paddling conditions and styles.

Elegant, Durable, and Functional: This paddle is not just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to the beauty and resilience of traditional paddle-making. Whether navigating challenging waters or enjoying a peaceful paddle, the Grey Owl Guide Paddle is your reliable companion.

Experience the best of both worlds with the Grey Owl Guide Paddle – where the elegance of black cherry meets the endurance required for dynamic paddling adventures.

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