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Explore with on your own with Ease: Solo Canoe Rental for Your Next Adventure

Planning a getaway to the cottage, a camping trip, or an outdoor excursion? Enhance your experience by renting one of our solo canoes. At just $45 per day, it's the perfect addition to your adventure, combining affordability with quality.

Options: Wenonah 14'6 Wilderness T-Formex, we also have some pack canoes as well. 

Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Our solo canoes are very manageable for portages. This means you can comfortably explore a variety of waterways without the hassle of a heavy canoe.

Convenient Pick-Up Location: Your rental canoe is available for scheduled pick-up in Beamsville, located in the scenic Niagara Region. This convenient location makes it easy to start your paddling journey.

Rental Package Includes Essential Gear: Each canoe rental comes equipped with two personal flotation devices (PFDs), two paddles, a safety kit, and a transport kit. We've got everything covered to ensure your paddling experience is safe and enjoyable.

Reserve Your Canoe Today: Booking your canoe rental is simple. Just reach out to us via the messenger option on our website, email us at, or text or call us at 905-984-1583 to check availability. Our team is ready to help you plan your next water adventure with ease.

Embark on your next journey with our Solo Canoe rental – the perfect way to explore the beauty of the outdoors with convenience and ease.

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