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Esquif Adirondack 12' T-Formex Canoe: Lightweight Versatility Meets Award-Winning Design

Embark on your paddling adventures with the Esquif Adirondack, the number one selling canoe from Esquif and a celebrated winner in the BEST CANOE category at the Paddling Magazine Industry Awards. This canoe is expertly crafted for paddlers who desire the lightweight advantage of Esquif's robust T-Formex material.

Dual Paddling Modes for Enhanced Flexibility: The Adirondack's design versatility allows it to be paddled efficiently with either a traditional single canoe blade or a double kayaking blade. This adaptability makes it perfect for various paddling styles and water conditions.

Ideal Capacity for Solo Trips and Companions: With its ideal capacity, the Adirondack is your perfect partner for solo adventures, whether you're carrying fishing tackle and overnight gear or accompanied by a smaller friend, human or furry. It's the go-to choice for intimate paddling experiences.

Journey Further with Ease: This model is tailored for adventurers looking to reach those slightly more challenging destinations. Its lightweight nature, at just 42 lbs, makes it easily transportable, unlocking access to those serene and less-traveled waters.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 12'
  • Width: 31.5”
  • Depth: 13”
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Available Colors: Green, Sand, Camo
  • Style: Pack Canoe Hull
  • Construction Material: T-Formex

Sleek, Durable Construction: Constructed with the durable and reliable T-Formex material, the Adirondack not only assures longevity but also maintains a sleek and stylish appearance. Its construction material is known for withstanding the elements, ensuring that your canoe remains a long-lasting companion.

A Choice of Colors to Match Your Style: Available in green, sand, and camo options, you can choose a color that best suits your personal style or blends seamlessly with the natural environments you explore.

Set off in the Esquif Adirondack 12' T-Formex Canoe, a vessel that promises lightweight maneuverability, versatile paddling options, and award-winning quality. It's not just a canoe; it's your ticket to exploring those hidden gems of the water world with ease and comfort.

Esquif Adirondack 12' T-Formex Canoe 

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The Adirondack is Esquif's #1 selling canoe and it’s winning the BEST CANOE category in the Paddling Magazine Industry Awards was the perfect compliment. This hull was designed for those paddlers looking for a lightweight canoe made from their durable T-Formex material. The versatile Adirondack can be paddled with a single canoe blade or a double kayaking blade. It has the capacity perfect for you and your fishing tackle and overnight gear or your smaller companion (human or fury). Consider this model for your next adventure that takes a little more effort to reach but is totally accessible because you are paddling the Adirondack.  

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