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Deep Dish Yoke: Enhanced Comfort and Stability for Canoe Portaging

Upgrade your canoe portaging experience with the Deep Dish Yoke, a meticulously designed accessory that brings comfort and stability to your canoe carrying endeavors. Ideal for avid canoeists, this yoke is crafted to make portages more manageable and less strenuous, allowing you to enjoy your adventures with ease.

Ergonomic Deep Dish Design: The standout feature of this yoke is its deep dish design, which contours to the shape of your shoulders and neck. This ergonomic shape distributes the weight of the canoe evenly, reducing pressure points and enhancing comfort during long portages.

Sturdy and Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of regular use, the Deep Dish Yoke is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and reliability. Whether traversing rugged trails or navigating to remote waters, this yoke is a dependable addition to your canoeing gear.

Easy to Install and Adjust: The Deep Dish Yoke is designed for easy installation and can be adjusted to fit a wide range of canoe models. Its user-friendly design ensures that it can be quickly set up, allowing you to transition from paddling to portaging without hassle.

Improved Balance and Control: Carrying your canoe is more balanced and controlled with this yoke. Its design aids in keeping the canoe steady on your shoulders, reducing the likelihood of tilting and making your portage more efficient and comfortable.

Essential for Solo and Remote Trips: For solo canoeists or those venturing into remote areas, the Deep Dish Yoke is an essential tool. It makes solo portaging feasible and less daunting, enabling you to explore farther and with greater confidence.

Elevate your canoe portaging experience with the Deep Dish Yoke. It's not just an accessory; it's an essential component that transforms the challenge of carrying your canoe into a comfortable and enjoyable part of your adventure.


Yokes are treated with linseed oil.

This deep dish yoke is of the highest quality and comfort available in a yoke.

The center is scooped out to fit comfortably around the neck, which makes carrying a canoe a pleasure. 

They come in the standard 37 inch length allowing you to cut your yoke to fit your canoe. If you require a longer yoke contact us and we can ship at 39". 

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