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H20’s Bob Special 15 is based on the Chestnut Canoe Co.’s classic design, with some slight modifications to increase overall flatwater efficiency. A shallow arch hull with slight rocker combines to provide the secure, no-surprises feeling that infrequent or entry-level canoeists prefer. A shallow shoe keel aids tracking and provides a bang plate against grounding, while still retaining a lively nature for more aggressive paddlers. H2o’s Bob Special is ideally suited for use as a tandem or solo day-tripper, with capacity large enough to handle long weekend outings.


GWN Fiberlight with Kevlar 58 lbs

GWN Innegra Kevlar 54 lbs

EPS Brute Force Standard 46 lbs

EPS Brute Force Premium 43 lbs

EPS Pro Lite Standard 39 lbs

EPS Pro Lite Premium 37 lbs 

EPS Pro Lite Carbon Fiber 35 lbs


Length 15′

 Max Width 36″

 Waterline Width 34″

 Height – Bow / Centre / Stern 18″ / 14″ / 18″

 Optimum Load 350-600lbs

 Max Load 900lbs




The Brute Force series is the perfect balance of being strong while staying lightweight. The Epoxy Pro Series, Brute Force is H2O's toughest canoe. The Brute Force series hits all targets for most paddlers: tough, light, visually attractive, and available with virtually every canoe we produce.

Some features of the Brute Force series include industry standard aluminum gunwales with ABS end caps. These basic components are thought through to ensure they meet the goals of ultimate strength at the lightest weight possible. Most of the features of the Brute Force series are unique and strategically developed to create the best results in the lightweight canoe category. The Brute Force series is comprised of performance reinforcements handcrafted with techniques that aren’t quick or easy. The result is an attractive, long lasting hull with no undesirable features—a true performance canoe in the lightweight category.


The Pro Lite series is H2O'S lightest series to breeze through those long portages.

Epoxy Pro Series Pro Lite is H2O'S most advanced construction system yet, embodying what it means to create an ultralight canoe that remains durable against wear, tear, and mishaps. Its aesthetics stop observers in their tracks, while the design is professionally constructed for both performance and efficiency. The Pro Lite series combines advanced composite construction techniques with the modern requirements of paddlers, pursuing lighter and stronger equipment than ever available. 

The Pro Lite series is H2O'S most innovative series yet with many complex features that go beyond an ordinary canoe build. Their carbon wrapped Integral Composite Gunwale (ICG) complements the rib reinforcements and closed cell foam used in the hull. An Epoxy Resin system is used in this complex build matrix to achieve maximum strength, while a unique method of skin coating is used to create a UV resistant, repairable, ultra thin, and ultra light coating for the boat. An ultra light aluminum trim over the carbon wrapped gunwale offers unmatched longevity while reducing the total canoe weight by approximately 5 to 7 lbs. This weight reduction allows them to put additional weight in other places for strategic reinforcements, so there’s no compromise in durability.

The rib system keeps the canoe rigid enough to perform, while creating just enough flex between ribs to absorb impact. It is subtle, but even the area surrounding the seat mount includes a cross rib for strength to support a seat bracket, which is both adhered and riveted to the hull. When the seat is fastened to this mount there is no movement or sway and the strength in the hull is increased similarly to a truss construction technique.


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