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The Aerial A1 Suspended Shelter (with Gear Hammock)

A unique slackline inspired suspended shelter.  Also, known as a 'tree tent' the AERIAL A1 is designed as a lightweight portable shelter with a stable, horizontal sleeping surface that can be suspended between two trees. This solo camping system is extremely comfortable, versatile and simple to set up. AERIAL A1 is the first of its kind, an intuitive design made for real campers.   


Trail Weight Suspended - 2.45kg / 5Lbs 6oz
Trail Weight Ground - 1.86kg / 4Lbs 1oz
Full Packed Weight - 2.70kg / 5Lbs 15oz
Packaged Size - 67cm x 13cm / 28” x 5”
Floor Dimensions - 203cm x 69cm / 80” x 27”
Peak Height - 90cm / 35”
Floor - 210D Ripstop Nylon, PU 4000
Suspended Capacity - 125kg / 275Lbs



Fly - 40D Nylon, PU 2500
Mesh - 15D No-See-Um
Floor - 210D Ripstop Nylon PU 4000
Zippers - YKK
Poles - DAC Pressfit Aluminum
Spreader Bar - 7000 Series Aluminum
Webbing - PES (Polyester) MBS 9.8kN / 2200Lbs

3x Internal Pockets

Inside the tent there are three well placed pockets to hold all your essentials. Two medium size pockets on either end and one "SKY" pocket that is the perfect place for putting your head lamp to light up your tent at night.    


Compatible with Sleeping Pad

It is not by coincidence that a large Therm-a-Rest® fits perfectly into the bottom of the AERIAL A1. Though the elevated sleeping surface is very comfortable on its own, a sleeping pad will improve warmth from below. This can be used as an alternative to the underquilt or can be pared with the A1 Underquilt to provide maximum warmth for winter camping. 

Also Includes A1 Gear Hammock.

A "tree tent" is also commonly referred to as:

  1. Hanging Tent: This name emphasizes the suspended nature of the tent, highlighting its difference from ground tents.
  2. Tentsile Tent: This is often used as a generic term, although it originally refers to a specific brand known for originally popularizing tree tents.
  3. Suspended Tent: Similar to hanging tent, this name focuses on the fact that the tent is suspended above the ground.
  4. Air Tent: Emphasizes the elevation of the tent above the ground, giving a sense of being in the air.
  5. Elevated Tent: Highlights the raised position of the tent, differentiating it from traditional ground tents.
  6. Tree Hammock Tent: A term that combines elements of both a hammock and a tent, focusing on the comfort and elevation aspects.
  7. Treehouse Tent: This name draws a parallel with treehouses, evoking a sense of adventure and elevation among trees.

Each of these names highlights a different aspect of the tree tent's unique features, such as its suspension, elevation, or resemblance to treehouses and hammocks.

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