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Discover the WENONAH 16' Prospector T-Formex Canoe: a robust and versatile vessel, meticulously engineered to cater to both the avid adventurer and the recreational paddler. This 71-pound canoe embodies the spirit of the original Prospector, renowned for its reliability and strength in navigating the waterways of the North.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Dimensions for Versatile Use:

    • Length: 16 feet (487.68 cm), perfect for efficient gliding across varied water conditions.
    • Gunwale Width: 36 inches (91.44 cm), ensuring stability and balance.
    • Maximum Width: 37 inches (93.98 cm), offering comfortable room for paddlers and gear.
    • Waterline Width: 33 inches (83.82 cm), designed for effective tracking and maneuverability.
    • Depths: Stern and Bow at 25 inches (63.5 cm), Center at 15 inches (38.1 cm), balancing space and performance.
    • Rocker: 2.5 inches (6.35 cm), enabling agile and responsive turning.
  2. Durable T-Formex Material:

    • Constructed from multi-laminate T-Formex sheets, each specifically tailored for the canoe model to ensure maximum durability and performance.
    • Incorporates a closed-cell, rigid foam core for added structure and buoyancy.
    • Known for its incredible toughness, T-Formex is an affordable choice that outperforms polyethylene and aluminum canoes in durability.
  3. Designed for a Range of Paddlers:

    • Its symmetrical hull shape allows a solo paddler to navigate efficiently by paddling backward from the bow seat, making it ideal for solo expeditions or group outings.
    • The stable hull design is perfect for rivers and streams, offering ample rocker for quick turns and agility.
  4. Versatility and Affordability:

    • The ideal choice for sportsmen, whitewater enthusiasts, families, and children, or anyone in need of a highly durable canoe.
    • Lighter than many other materials, T-Formex canoes are accessible yet perform exceptionally, suitable for a wide range of canoeing styles and preferences.

The WENONAH 16' Prospector T-Formex Canoe stands as a testament to quality and versatility, offering a blend of traditional design and modern materials. Whether you're heading out for a tranquil lake paddle or navigating the rapids, this canoe promises resilience, stability, and a memorable paddling experience.

Short Description: Prospector 16 T-Formex 71 lbs - The original Prospector was a river-running boat known as the work horse of the North. This proven down river hull is our version of the classic design, and the closest thing to the original that money can buy. It's a stable hull for rivers and streams - with ample rocker it's quick to turn. Because of the symmetrical shape of the hull, a solo paddler loaded with gear could make good progress by turning around in the bow seat and paddling it backward.


Length: 16' 0"  (487.68cm)
Gunwale Width: 36"  (91.44cm)
Maximum Width: 37"  (93.98cm)
Waterline Width: 33"  (83.82cm)
Stern Depth: 25"  (63.5cm)
Center Depth: 15"  (38.1cm)
Bow Depth: 25"  (63.5cm)
Rocker: 2.5"  (6.35cm)


T-Formex 71 lbs

T-Formex canoes are manufactured from multi-laminate sheets, painstakingly designed specifically for each model. All include a closed-cell, rigid foam core providing structure and buoyancy. T-Formex canoes are incredibly tough and very affordable. This makes them the ideal choice for sportsmen, whitewater paddlers, families and kids, or anybody who wants a very durable canoe. These canoes are much lighter than polyethylene or aluminum canoes and can be built in nearly limitless designs. 

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