Courses Available in Niagara Region and in the Municipality of the French River.
Our courses can be organized for you and your partner/friend/family member, as well as in a group setting. 
Contact us via email at info@organicboatshop.com for more information and to schedule a date.
Current Scheduled Courses 
Course: Level 1 & 2 Basic Canoeing Tandem 
Date: October 14, 2023 
Location: Jordan Conservation Area (Jordan Harbour) 
All in water training to take place at an indoor pool. 
Fee: $140 + HST
​Email info@organicboatshop.com to register.

Introduction to Safe Canoeing 

​This four hour Safe Canoeing Program provides the first-time paddler with basic safety and performance information relative to canoeing. By the end of the session it is expected that paddlers will have enough skill to safely enjoy some recreational paddling with a partner close to shore in calm conditions. 
Basic Canoeing Levels 

​Basic Canoeing Level 1 (Tandem) is an introduction to canoeing. The student will learn safe canoeing practices, while becoming comfortable paddling in a tandem canoe. 

Basic Canoeing Level 2 (Tandem) builds on the skills introduced in Basic Canoeing Level 1 by refining the paddling techniques. 

Basic Canoeing Level 3 (Tandem) builds on the skills introduced in Basic Canoeing Level 1 and 2 by refining paddling techniques and performing maneuvers with more precision.

Basic Canoeing Level 4 (Solo) introduces the canoeist to solo paddling.